Ensure Your Car’s Security with Personal Vehicle Tracking

A car is more than a form of transportation, it’s a significant investment in your family’s everyday life. Protect it.

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Keep Tabs On Your Personal Vehicles: Explore Motion Car Connect Tracking Features

Automatic crash notification

Motion Car Connect: a Purpose-Built Vehicle Tracker

Let’s face it: phone-based GPS apps are great for tracking phones, but fall short of a solution that truly understands your vehicles. Your family deserves a tracking solution that is more than just dots on a map.

Whether you’ve got a new teen driver, and aging parent whose reflexes are waning, or you just want to see when your spouse leaves work for the commute home – Motion Car Connect has all the features you need to monitor & protect your vehicles.

Personal Vehicle Tracking for Every Family

At Mojio, we’ve been tracking vehicles for over a decade – from small business fleets to individuals and families. A true connected vehicle experience that delivers valuable insights and peace of mind for every driver

More Than Just GPS Tracking

Motion Car Connect is built as a hardware + software solution, integrated as an extension of your specific vehicle, with millions of miles of data as proof points, to provide the most comprehensive car tracker in one package

Real Crash Detection Saves Lives

Motion Car Connect’s OEM-grade crash detection rates the severity of the crash, speed, location, and airbag status ; then passes that info to 1st responders to provide adequate emergency resources

Track Teen Drivers

Whether you have a new driver in the household, an aging parent, or you just want to reduce the wear & tear on your ride, RoadScore provides a easy-to-understand rating for every trip

Monitor An Older Driver

It’s no fun to find out your car’s been vandalized, hit, or stolen. Get immediate alerts if it’s bumped, towed, or broken into when parked at home, work, school, etc.

Disturbance Alerts While Parked

It’s no fun to find out your car’s been vandalized, hit, or stolen. Get immediate alerts if it’s bumped, towed, or broken into when parked at home, work, school, etc.

Looking for a GPS business solution?

From a single car to an entire fleet, Mojio has the right solution. Upgrade to Force Fleet Tracking for your small business vehicle tracking.

Simple But Comprehensive Family Monitoring
Easy to Buy, Easy to Install, Easy to Use

Motion Car Connect includes everything you need to keep your car connected: hardware, cellular connectivity and mobile app. Setup is simple and takes just a couple of minutes. Once installed in your car’s OBD-II port, the device will transmit helpful information to the Motion by Mojio app on your iOS or Android device.

Wide vehicle compatibility: Every gas, diesel and hybrid family car and truck built in the last 30+ years comes standard with an OBD-II port. Motion was built to work with cars in your driveway

Plug and Play: Installation is a breeze – insert the OBD-II device, activate through the Motion mobile app, and you’re tracking every mile, every trip, within minutes

User Friendly : The Motion App gives a clear picture of where the car is, what’s going on with it, and how to save money and wear & tear on every vehicle

We’ve partnered with major brands to make car
ownership safer and more affordable

Stay protected with the power of real-time crash detection.

Accidents are unpredictable, but your safety response shouldn’t be.

Motion Car Connect’s solution includes a life-saving E911 service that combines OEM-grade crash detection from Bosch with integrated emergency response services enabled by RapidSOS.

How it works:

  • Sensors from the car + the device itself detect when a crash occurs
  • A patented Bosch algorithm calculates the severity of the crash
  • That information is passed immediately to an integration between Motion and RapidSOS
  • Emergency services are dispatched to the exact location with prior alert regarding severity, increasing the likelihood of an appropriate response
  • Automatic Crash Notification are sent to the account holder via SMS

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I track my personal car?

Motion Family Connect is an ideal solution for tracking your own vehicle, a teen driver, or any family member. With its simple installation, universal compatibility, and a feature-filled easy-to-use mobile app, you can be confident you’ve selected a comprehensive solution.

Can you track a vehicle without someone knowing?

Motion Family Connect uses a OBD-II device that plugs into a port underneath the driver’s side dashboard. It’s designed for transparent uses for families who openly use the data and insights provided by GPS tracking

How can someone track my car without me knowing?

Some external GPS devices are designed for independent power and remote monitoring, but it’s important to note that, in most jurisdictions, it is unlawful for a person to use an electronic device such as a tracking device to track someone else without permission.

What can I use to track my child’s car?

Motion Family Connect is a purpose-built solution for GPS vehicle tracking, and the insights are perfect for new drivers. Teens will get valuable feedback on areas of improvement, and parents get the comfort of knowing where their child is, and how they’re treating the car.

How can I track my parents’ car?

As we age, our reflexes decline. Motion is a GPS tracking system that lets you monitor the location, driving habits and well-being of an aging or elderly parent. And Crash Notifications allow you to stay on top of accidents, if they occur.

How can I track my child’s car without them knowing?

As new drivers become more familiar with the freedom that comes with vehicle access, their decision-making can sometimes falter. Motion Family Connect is an easy-to-install solution that does not require access by the driver alone.