Millions of connected vehicles were disconnected when wireless carriers began shutting down 3G networks in early 2022. Motion by Mojio will keep your car connected for many years to come with a growing range of helpful features and services.

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How could the 3G shutdown affect your vehicle?

When wireless networks like AT&T decommission their 3G networks, many cars will not only lose location-based services, but also the ability to send important vehicle health information to your phone. More critically, some vehicles with automatic crash notification and emergency services may lose those potentially life-saving services.

Your car, only smarter.

Motion by Mojio is always monitoring what’s happening with your vehicle.


Understand real behavior to become a safer driver
  • Automatic Crash Notification
  • Driving Score
  • Speed Alerts


Never go a minute without knowing where your car is
  • Disturbance Alerts
  • Live GPS Tracking
  • Geofences


Save time and money taking care of your car
  • Nearby Fuel Finder
  • Predictive Maintenance Alerts
  • Vehicle Health Alerts

Technology trusted by more than 1 million drivers

Our 4G LTE device and mobile app works with almost every car, van and truck in the United States, giving you a wide range of helpful features that deliver a smarter, safer and more convenient car ownership experience.

Automatic Crash Notification

On the event of a severe crash, Mojio will automatically share crash information with local emergency responsders.

Live Trip Tracking

With live GPS tracking on a map, you’ll always know where your car is, whether it is parked or on a trip.

Vehicle Health Alerts

Mechanical issues and other status alerts allow you to keep an eye on your vehicle’s health.

Fuel Finder

Easily monitor your car’s fuel level and get a list of nearby gas stations, sorted by price or distance.

Trip History

Use the timeline to view your car’s history, including an interactive summary of each trip with map view and driving statistics.

Driving Score (RoadScore™)

Get an easy-to-understand driving score for each trip. Increasing your score can help improve fuel economy and reduce vehicle wear and tear.


Stay coordinated with geofence alerts that let you know when your vehicle is departing or arriving at common locations like your home or workplace.

Speed Alerts

Speed Alerts enable you to set a custom speed limit in the app, and to be alerted when your vehicle exceeds the designated limit.

Tire Check

Our patented new feature that allows you to monitor tire conditions for defects and tread depth, all with just a quick scan.

Stay connected with an 18 month subscription

Motion by Mojio includes everything you need to keep your car connected: hardware, cellular connectivity and mobile app. Setup is simple and takes just a couple of minutes. Once installed in your car’s OBD-II port, the device will transmit helpful information to the Motion by Mojio app on your iOS or Android device.

Here’s what’s included in your prepaid subscription:

  • 4G LTE OBD-II Device
  • Automatic Crash Notification
  • LTE Cellular Data Plan
  • Mobile App
  • Free Shipping

Did you receive a voucher from your car manufacturer?

Mojio is working with certain car manufacturers to restore connectivity to customers whose vehicles are impacted by the 3G shutdown. If you have received a voucher or coupon code from your manufacturer, please enter it during the checkout to receive your complimentary subscription to Motion by Mojio.

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